To be denied by a member of the opposite sex during the process of macking.
Damn, Pete just got stiff armed by that death star... how embarrassing for him.


Good thing Pete got stiff armed by that chick, because she's actually a dude. Pete, why are you upset about it?
by Total Penetration June 8, 2005
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1. A football stance used to keep their opponent at arms length.

2. A body gesture in which the arm is extended forward with the palm open making the arm erect,stiff, and therefore immovable, keeping people from entering your comfort zone.

3. A thing people do when they want you to ease on up out their space! see dat chicken-head over there, she came all up in my grill so I had to stiff arm her ass. Is that wrong...of course not!
by NestleQck June 24, 2005
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The initial reaction of most virgins to penetration. With a grimace and muffled gasp, the virgin in question shoots out an arm towards the chest or face in true Football fashion. Unintentional injuries may result from such violent actions.
"What the fuck happened to your nose?"

" I was going for her V-Card and got just the tip in before she busted my face up with a Virgin Stiff Arm
by Bdamn February 8, 2011
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A driver of a vehicle who uses one had at the 12 o'clock with full elbow lock out and a slight lean to the opposite side. The common driving style of NJ Guidos.
by yeahthatsrightdriver February 8, 2010
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This was first used and named after a great football player in Texas. Used when having sex with a girl that has a good body and a not-so-good face. While having sex, from behind of course, if the girl turns around to look or say something, the opposite arm is used in a stiff-arm motion to turn her face back to the front so that you do not have to look at her.
"I used the Bo Johnson stiff-arm on that girl while I was fucking her, and thank God, because her face was aweful."
by Gilbert A February 13, 2006
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When Liam has an orgasm and this results in his arms being stiff as fuck, like when he fucks The Galaxy Note 7 and his ass explodes
Tim: Fuck Liam! Why you fuck a Samsung. Now you’re Liam’s arms stiff
by AsianFuckingMrChang May 31, 2018
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