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a person with great skill, especially with a lax stick. this person is slick and and has great speed. More than anything, this person always looks good.
AR: Yo, stick-o, where did you learn your skills?
SO: I was born with them.
by The Stick Master December 02, 2009
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Sticko is a invective for overweight scandinavions. Which the "Stick" part could be interpreted as a sarcastic joke like "Thin like a stick". Also many people says the real joke is "Tick" pronounced "Thick".The creation of Sticko is unknown, also is the point with it. The only known thing with the term "Sticko" is that it is used to make fun out overweight people.
You're really sticko.
"You're really fat"

Wow, Sticko!
"Wow, fatty"
by Zexix April 19, 2009
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