after a boy fingers a girl, he enjoys the "vaginal discharge" on his fingers by licking them when he is done pleasuring.
Once I gave her an orgasm, i licked my fingers and said, "Thats finger lickin good".
by sexyporngirl July 02, 2003
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-The of the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC)
-Or your good friends sister(or father if ur into that kind of thing)freak
Me:Boy Larry, this chicken is Finger Lickin Good, but so was your sister lastnite..FAAGGG.
Larry:So was ur dad STRAIT KID!!!!
by CRunk as a skunk October 20, 2004
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Finger lickin good is a term used for a woman who is a french fry and is always a new salty taste. It also refers to a food that has multiple names such as: VAGINA, PUSSY, ASS, and also THICC BOOTAY. Finger lickin good can also be represented as a term for somebody who is a fat pig and cant stop eating.
"OOOOOH, Kims ass looks so Finger lickin good right now i might just want a bite!"
by thiccdaddy420 May 18, 2018
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