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not quite stew but not quite soup either.
A watery stew
When we were camping the beef stew was more like a stewp than a stew.
by Sephro May 31, 2005
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A word that defines the sound a Jamaican makes with his mouth when he's trying to swear at you... It sounds like a hissing sound.. In order to achieve this sound you put your upper and lower lips together, squeeze tight and suck air in... That creates a sound that in turn Jamaican and other african americans consider a swear word
"Hey Kelly, Dre really pissed me off... Stewps"
"Hey Kelly can I burrow $100 dollars..."

Kelly replies "stewps"
by pokerdre July 26, 2013
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A "Stew"ped word made up by Rachel Ray to describe a cross between soup and stew.
Stewp is best served warm in one of your favorite stewp bowls!
by vorletzte September 22, 2007
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To Stewps is to make a specific sound - well known to Trinidadians and Tobagonians and possibly other West Indians and some of their friends probably - by clenching one's teeth, pressing one's tongue up against one's teeth - not fully, however, so that some air and saliva may pass - then sucking air and saliva through the passage making an indescribable sound. For the sound to be correct, lips must be pursed (not pressed together as some jackass wrote). The volume of the sound should be directly proportional to level of disgust, dissatisfaction or disagreement felt by the person stewpsin'. Volume control is achieved by adjusting the size of the hole made by one's pursed lips and the velocity of the air and saliva intake and the amount of pressure of the clenched teeth.

As mentioned above stewpsin' is used to show disgust, dissatisfaction or disagreement. However it also can translate literally as "kiss my ass." Sometimes stewpsin' is done in feigned or exaggerated disgust, dissatisfaction or disagreement, particular with friends.
Mr. Ramkissoon: Cutterz, de top definition for "stewps" on UD is a word "stewp" meaning some kinda soup stew! Whey de ass!?
Cutterz: *stewps*
Mr. Ramkissoon: *louder stewps*
Random passer by: *stewps*
Baby in stroller: *stewps"
Everybody: *buss out laughin*
by realbobbol March 08, 2018
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