A statement about a group of people, that is true 90% of the time, but when said in front of the other 10% or a Liberal will get you labeled as an ignorant prick.
"Of course Hakeem won the high jump, he's black."

"That is such a stereotype!"

"That it is, but it's true."

"Ignorant prick!"
by TheWorldAccordingToRyan February 08, 2010
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Something that describes the true flaws in a certain group of people. Although some PC people call this racist, sexest, ect. 99% of the time it is true.
Every stereotype has solid proof to back if up.
by USAPatriot2007 August 03, 2004
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Another word for truth.
Everyone likes to act like it's a bad thing, so they can tell you not to speak truth.
Sometimes, they are incorrect, but 99% of the time, it's exactly what you think.
Catie: That cheerleader is so dumb.
Stranger: Stop stereotyping cheerleaders! They are the same as everyone else- they are just as smart, too. I bet you wouldn't like a stereotype on you because you said that.
Catie: Um ... yeah. Well, she just messed up her ABC's. And if stereotyping her as dumb means stereotyping me as smart, I am definitely alright with that.
by catieisrad March 20, 2009
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A preconceived view of a group that is usually based on a bit of truth, but then blown out of proportion to categorize the ENTIRE group.

Examples of stereotypes

Blacks are lazy and prefer welfare over work

Asians are book smart but can't even get across the street

Jews have an obsession with money and have no social graces

Whites are threatened by minorities moving ahead of them

Blondes are idiots

Women can't drive for shit

Africans have AIDS and are poor as fuck

Russians are stiff-assed mobsters

People on Wall Street are coke heads

by Mickey Liondess February 06, 2009
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To judge someone based on race, socioeconomic status, gender, religion etc...
ME: Wow don't stereotype her!
MEANPERSON: She's a girl so she can't play football!
*girl gets a touchdown*
by AnonymousGossipGirl December 27, 2016
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A usually cruel generalization of a certain group of people. Although usually cruel, almost always true.
1. Asians have small penis' (true)
2. Jews are cheap (true)
3. Men are always rude (true)
4. All men want sex (true)
5. All women love to spend all men's money (true)
6. Mexican's take low paying jobs for long hours (true)
7. Jews like chinese food (can be true but not always)
8. Blacks never fight, they shoot (true)
9. Americans are fat and lazy (true)
10. Women are all good looking (false, email me if you need proof)

All are a form of Stereotype
by greatkoreanhunter June 18, 2007
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an excuse to not face reality.
Person 1: "USA pollutes the most out of all countries on this earth."

Person 2: "Oh please! There are two countries bigger than us, that OBVIOUSLY signifies that they pollute more.. god, thats such a stereotype. *writes this using 10 pieces of paper so that they can get the effect just right*"
by ironic_decision July 21, 2008
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