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A humongous (and delicious), mother of all hamburgers served at a local (Bellevue, Nebraska) hamburger joint (Stella's), of which only about a half dozen men, and one 110 lb woman, to date, were able to entirely consume, at one sitting. This monster probably has enough food in it for several day's meals, and would instantly destroy any diet you embark upon. The Stellanator includes in its ingredient list: "six burger patties, six eggs, six pieces of cheese, a heaping helping of bacon, a big ol’ slab of mayo, heart-stopping fried onions, jalapenos, two curvaceous buns, and AN ENTIRE JAR OF PEANUT BUTTER"
Phil: How 'bout a Stellanator for lunch today? Meet you over there!
Rich: No way, man, it'd kill my diet, and I'd never be able to eat all that.
Phil: Wuss.
Rich: Seriously, Phil, I'll join you for a single, or maybe perhaps a double, but no way could I do an entire Stellanator. Second thoughts, I'll go. I'll bring a doggie bag for what I can't finish. Lunch for the week.
by Whitey803 October 28, 2012
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