The girls are all washed here like a handful of the good ones all the rest are fucking skanks year 11 girls are all virgins except angel Sav Ellie winnie Charlotte the rest are mostly uckers bitches or attention hoes the year 10s aren’t as bad as the year11 girls they’re only a few in year 10 that are washed. Most of the girls are nitties. Some boys in year 10 and 11 think there gang memebers and fraud stars🤣 cough “mk.11th” The year 11 boys are fuck boys and are tryna cuff the ‘innocent girls’ for the show when really and truly a couple of their girls are undercover skanks
Boy1: ayy bro have you heard about them steds girls

Boy2: yeah I heard they are all OJ and easy to grab
Boy3: they’re all jezzies

Girl1: hey girls don’t chat the them steds boys

Girl2: yeah my cousin got used then they baited her after

Girl3: I hate them boys they are all fuck boys and wanna be gang members
by TruthhhTeller December 29, 2018
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