1. A synonym for mad, angry, or pissed . Based on the idea of one being so angry, steam pours from his ears.

2. A word used to trivialize someone's anger.

I get steamed whenever Tim Burton casts Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in one of his stupid movies.


Byron: I can't believe you keyed my car; now I have to pay to get that fixed!

Jack: Awww, U steamed?
by Jf Brn Rssll September 17, 2012
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The Game client that distributes games such as Half Life 2, Counter-Strike Source, Team Fortress 2.
Steam is actually a man named Steve who lives far away in the mountains in a little cabin. He controls the steam program but he's fucking retarded thus why steam crashes so damn often. Every now and then , his but buddy, Val( Valve) comes and gives him new programs, but he's so stupid he can't really operate new programs without crashing. So he passes out all the time trying to get these programs to work. Thats why steam is a piece of shit program.
by Paddy O'Mally May 17, 2008
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wankered, hammered, pissed, drunk,rat-arsed, fucked, nackered, poleaxed.

full of alcohol/under the influence.
"i said let's get pissed but not steaming wankered like jeeves"
by Joshua K November 10, 2003
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1. A program made by a bunch of sadist programmers at Valve. The target audience is obviously masochists. Gives you the strong urge to torture small fuzzy animals.

2. What happens when water gets too hot.
1. If there is another error with steam I am going to fucking kill myself.

2. Water-OW
Water-It's too hot, I'm melting..
by lordbovine September 5, 2006
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A program that let people organize every half-life related game. which takes a million years to load. steam also comes with an anti cheat system called VAC, which also sucks.
by Steam Hater March 30, 2005
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a computer program that doesn't work
Man, this program is just steam.
by Thomas Cai April 16, 2005
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