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skipping 2nd & 3rd base, as in:

1st base: making out etc
2nd base: fondling/fingering
3rd base: oral sex
home: sex
guy 1: "dude, i was totally stealing home tonite w/ rita, and she didnt care!"

guy 2: "no way man! awesome!"

guy 3: "*cough*slut*cough*
by pete b. January 12, 2007
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Raping a woman. Hitting a homerun is actual sexual intercourse. It can happen in one of two ways. The first way is for a man and woman to be on second base (groping etc.) and he wants to go to round third and go home but she says no so the man drops anchor at third and then steals home by raping her. The second way this can happen is just having a stranger jump a woman when no witnesses are around and stealing home
That poor girl. She was in the hospital for a week after leaving her job bartending. She was walking to her car when out of nowhere some nut sneaked up behind her, threw her down, and started stealing home. Bunch of savages in this town
by Lilparkczar July 10, 2008
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Euphemism for anal sex. Since you usually have to sneak it in, and you have to slide through the mud to get it done.
Last night, with Hollyanna, I totally stole home.
by Forest Walker November 04, 2004
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Its another word for rape...going all the way home is used for willing sex...if you steal home...its rape
So are you stealing home tonight or is she willing?
by RCTF April 21, 2011
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