2 definitions by Shumongous

a finance term for when you sell a stock when you do not actually have any shares because you think the stock will go down and give you a profit (Basically you are betting against a stock). However, in terms of relationships selling someone short means you will gain by getting rid of them.
ex 1: man that girl didn't put out after two dates I am gunna have to sell her short.

ex 2: Girl you flaked on me three times in three days I'm shorting you (selling you short)

ex 3: dude Benjamin is being a Dick lately, gunna have to short him (sell him short) for a few days.
by Shumongous October 13, 2014
1) what you say to someone who is below your league in terms of attractiveness and tries to hit on you.

2) what you say to someone who tries to talk about a sector they are not an expert in
1) this really ugly girl tried to talk to me today, told her stay in your lane.

2) this peasant tried talking about stocks today, told him stay in your lane.
by Shumongous October 13, 2014