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Stop talking about things you don't understand or know. Let experts do the talking. Don't talk out of your ass.

Used in technical forums and websites to indicate a user has strayed into an area in which they clearly have no expertise.

Anecdotal evidence is not passable as expertise, so keep it to yourself unless you have something useful to add.
Internet_expert: You really should buy brand XYZ, my sister's cousin's brother's fiance knows this guy who has one that I really thought looked cool.

real_expert or moderator: STAY IN YOUR LANE!
by Harry_Manback July 22, 2009
Used to describe when someone tries to elevate themselves and ends up exposing their ignorance (or flaws, etc).

The further an unsuitable person is promoted, the more obvious his inadequacies become. In various more or less polite forms.
"Way to show your ass, broham. You really are an Internet Tough Guy. "

The filthe of her foli aperith more, as the filthe of the hynd partis of an ape aperith more, whanne he stieth climbs on high.
- c 1395 Wyclif Bible (1850) Proverbs iii. 35 (gloss)

He doth like the ape that the higher he clymbes the more he shows his ars.

-c 1594 Bacon Promus 102

The higher you climb, the more you shew your A—.

-1743 Pope Dunciad iv. 157 (note)

The higher a monkey climbs, the more he shows of his tail. - various
by Harry_Manback October 18, 2009