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Finding someone's Facebook/Myspace is still logged in and posting a new status update as them, usually to embarrass them.
John status jacked Jane last night on Facebook did you see? It said she was eating ice cream off of her dogs belly.
by Crin October 24, 2008
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This typically occurs when you leave yourself signed in to facebook/myspace on someone's computer and they change your status to something juvenille or ridiculously embarrassing. This can also happen from you leaving your iPhone or Blackberry some where with your facebook app accessible and your password saved. You can usually identify the culprit because they are the first to leave a comment or "like" your ridiculous status.
guy1: Hey man did you see Johnny's status? What's up with that?

guy2: Yeah man, but James commented on it 3 times in a row two seconds after it was posted so I figured he got status jacked. You know he always leaves his iPhone everywhere. Homeboy needs to put a password on that thing.
by Changus Kahn July 11, 2009
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When someone logs onto your account and as a joke writes shit that you would never ordinarily say in your status bar, most of it being stuff to make the person look gay.
Matt: "Yo why did you write 'I love cocks' in your fb status last night?"
Jason: "Dude that wasn't me, someone totally status-jacked me!"
by liquidswordsman December 04, 2009
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when two people or a group steal someones Facebook wall or status update and carry out their own conversation.
Jennys status update reads, Jenny is sick today.
Bob comments how are you dave.
Dave returns comment and the two carry out a conversation. "Jennys been statusjacked"
by DJ Groove July 21, 2009
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See Status Thief. The act of having your witty, well thought out Facebook status used by a Facebook friend.
BOB: "Jon posted the greatest status on facebook about his uncle's Rash."

JEFF: " WHAT? I posted that weeks ago, I have been statusjacked."
by J-Saturn January 17, 2010
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