The odd man out of the New York City boroughs. Staten Island is west of the Hudson and should be considered part of New Jersey. Kind of like how Marble Hill is on the mainland but is part of Manhattan. Go figure.
Growing up in Yonkers, Staten Island was like the moon: a shithole, no reason to there, feels a lot farther than it actually is, a place you see and hear about but still seems mythical.
by YO Man July 11, 2004
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The boro where the only thing exciting to do ... is to go to the mall .. walk around and act if youre buying sumthin.
Boy 1: Yo what you doin friday after skool?
Boy 2: Goin to the staten island mall
Boy 1: Nice. What about Saturday?
Boy 2: Goin to the staten island mall
Boy 1: Nice!! Where are goin Sunday?
Boy 2: Goin to the staten island mall.
Boy 1: WOW BRO! Your weekend is goin to kick ass!
by MoJoN September 17, 2005
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The asshole of the universe. A place where white kids who try act like they are black, but fail miserably. A place where the Wu-Tang Clan resides. A place where the the short 'A' sound is pronounced 'aw' by some people. A place where the only thing to do is hang out at the mall.
Guy: Hey are you from Staten Island?
White Kid from SI: Yeah Yo! This place is Gawd awful son. I am wearin' my Fubu and I's be goin' to the mall lata'.
by Seanzie April 13, 2004
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i live in the south shore and im not a guido, im 100% italian, i live in a shitty 2 bedroom house with a small car, im not an ignorent asshole like how everyone thinks a southshore staten islander is. oh and its not just all italians in the south shore, theres alot of hispanic,irish, and more races.
guido, south shore,staten island
by nick31133313 November 02, 2010
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The shit hole of NYC. A place that is an embarrassment to the rest of New York and we admittedly want to give it away to New York's bastard son, New jersey. However, not even Jersey wants it. Its only connection to NY is through the Verazzano Bridge which connects Bay Ridge to SI. Most of the people are Rich white guido types like in Bay Ridge but the Brooklyn kids are cooler because they arent from SI. Most of the SI kids pretend they are from Brooklyn because they are embarrassed of it themselves. No one has any reason to ever go to SI.
Gumba Johnny: Yo, where you from?
Staten Island thug: Bay Ridge Brooklyn on Main street dawg!!! hOLLLLAA
Gumba Johnny: That street doesnt exist in Bay ridge, you're from Staten Island arent you?
Staten Island thug: shit! dammit...yeah...
by BKBOY February 01, 2007
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1) The long lost borough of NY that is basically a giant pothole and all wiggers with their chrome 22 inch giovannas wonder why their rims are always fucked up. beisdes it being a pothole its a giant dump. and the island is fucking sinking as we know it. Full of wiggers and guidos, who both should die.
Wigger: Yo daddy bought me new rims yesterday and i fucking drove into the pothole by Woodrow Plaza and i wonder why they're already fucked up

Guido: Yo browski, 2 heinekins. Staten Island Rocks for clubs
by o0o0o0o0o0o February 22, 2008
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a borough in new york that people hate on 24\7. thats enough for all this hating on staten island. 75% of u that hate on staten island have never been there. and not everyone is a guido with spikey hair. im albanian and im from the projects in south beach. now for all the people that see this and start hating; stop talkin bout guidos and go to the project in staten, then u will never hate again on staten.
S.Ier#1 : damn yo i hate when people hate on staten island

S.I.er#2 word son, they neva even been to our projectz
by mizzy dizzy November 14, 2009
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