The Forgotten is a band on the rise from Rockford, Il. They are known for their creative mix of metal and rock and are revolutionizing the music industry. Their debut album, The Bloodied Door, is going to be released sometime very soon. On the album, they are collaborating with some other Rockford artists and hope to promote them as well as themselves. Their music is very high quality and they are great performers. Eventually, everyone will know their name.

The group is made up of two people. American Psycho and Jasper Lewis. The band was founded this year (2021) and will be around for many to come.
Have you heard the new album from The Forgotten?

Not yet. I heard that it is amazing though.
by lilcj69 April 30, 2021
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Alone; the feeling that no one cares and left you behind.
"He has forgotten me...why doesn't he care?"
by Risa_4366 December 4, 2008
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Those that have been repetitively demoted for showing disrespect to the realm, or rebelling against its core values. They have been FORGOTTEN
WHO ARE YOU??? Oh dear, I seem to have... FORGOTTEN
by Horseman16. 5 November 28, 2017
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Some n00b who eats babies... what a sicko... oh and he doesn't like swords!
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
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A song by German Pop-rock band Tokio Hotel in their album 'Zimmer 483". "Vergessene Kinder" in German.A very heartfelt song with amazing lyrics. The main meaning is of how the "forgotten children" are no different then anybody else, yet they shoulder the full weight of life on they're own without a choice.
"We'll never hear a name
They carry all the blame
Too young to break the chains
Forgotten children"
by //Vampric.SLAYER// May 3, 2008
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When you take a long crap, get up, pull up your pants and wash your hands, after, you notice that you have forgotten to take a leak, but you are too lazy to take a one, and leave.
John: Man i just took a dump, and forget to take a leak, but I'm too lazy to go back and take one.
Joe: Damn, the forgotten leak, i hate it.
by Snipervert August 30, 2009
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A cancelled jojo game that was supposed to come out months ago.
Nanachi: The Forgotten Universe is cancelled I'm sorry I just can't
by JoeWithNoBrim February 12, 2021
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