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1. When a typical female (in most cases a promiscuous slut whore bitch) who was born with (some) looks, tries to "be all that she can be" or more than she was ever meant to be, by participating in beauty pageants in hopes of becoming some sorry excuse for a star despite having zero talent whatsoever.

2. An emerging or established starlet who is known for sleeping her way to the top rather than possessing actual talent in the entertainment industry.
Man 1: Man did you see who won the starwhore pageant this year? Man 2: I recognize her, if it ain't our own little high school slut, man I nutted over that bitch's face when she was only 15 and I was her math tutor! Fuck me now she's a starwhore!
by starwhore187 October 23, 2010
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Star Wards fans who complain about the Star Wars franchise and Lucas' constant re-re-re-re-re-releasing of the episodes in all various formats with changes and extras over and over and over again but continue to trade up and buy the new releases.
Person 1: Did you hear Lucas just released all 6 episodes on 4K Digital?

Person 2: Shut the fuck up! I just bought the Uber Ultimate Future-Proof Limited Director's Cut + Cutting Room Floor Edition.

Person 1: Well, somewhere, far far away, a cash register is rining <cha-ching> you dumb Star Whores.
by Ben Chott December 05, 2011
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1). Pornos that are based off star wars. Like "The Phantom Anus".
"I'm gonna go rent starwhores, I just want to watch some good space porn."
by Big-D A stat April 08, 2008
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