a female vagina that comes to be quite stanky due to the presence of poo or a poo like substance in or around the vag.
I was fuckin my girlfriend and when i pulled out, my johnson smelled like shit. Fuckin stank poon.
by pwnstarsixty9 January 8, 2010
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The action of whiping one's ass from back to front, particularly females, making one's poon very stanky.
Wow, that's one mighty stank poon.
by She Bangs October 15, 2004
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when you fuck a girl with a stankin ass poon-tang and you wanna let her know that her down stairs mix up stinks like hell, just wait til the next time you have sex with her, before you bust your load just rub your shit all up under little miss stank poon's nose then bust your nut right up her nostrils. i wouldnt do this unless you plan on breaking up with her after wards, i had a girl with a stinkin ass pussy but i didnt do this, i just broke up with that cause that shit aint cool. i did not have the balls to achieve greatness and do this.
Man I fingered Ginger during Winter Olympics then I smelled my fingers and almost threw up, I should have given her a "Stank Poon Payback".
by Hugo Sticky-tits August 11, 2010
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"man, i heard you got some good pussy last night?"

"yeah, but she had some wicked poon stank"
by The-Mathias July 11, 2008
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