annoying teenagers usually under 5'10, plays hockey. A stalves usaully has problems speaking and has unlimited supply of energy. comes from movie the ringer. likes bigger girls if not homosexual. most groups of friends have a stalves and you ask yourself why are we friend s with this guy but in the end he is your buddy
look at that kid over there, he won't shut up, what a stalves
by Da'brickashaw- Tyrod Ferguson December 22, 2009
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Stalk and love connected. Stalve is when you love or adore a person but you don't want to tell them, so you just stare at them, go through their Facebook profile, spam them on etc.
"I really like him..."
"Then tell him instead of just stalving him."
"I am too shy. I enjoy to stalve."
by Steve5214 April 4, 2016
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