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Sony's version of nigga please. Used in a commercial for the PSP. In Sony's commercials, two squirrels talk like black people about how good the portable console is. These commercials are an attempt by Sony to integrate the PSP into the streets, like when they used graffiti for the same purpose. Most people despise these strategies.
First Squirrel: Man, these graphics are NUTS!
Second Squirrel: Yeah. They got more flavour than a pistachio.
First Squirrel: No doubt. I’d woop you head to head!
Second Squirrel: WHAT?! Squirrel please! You have about as much skillz as a chipmunk.
First Squirrel: Yo momma’s a chipmunk!
by Captain Sham April 25, 2006
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The same as "nigga please" from PSP commercial. Even if you are white you can say this if front of blacks, and they can't get mad at you. If they do get mad for some reason, just tell them their mama is a chipmunk.
Squirrel 1: I am going to get some pussy tonight.
Squirrel 2: Squirrel please! The only nut gettin busted tonight is the one I'm shootin on yo mama's chipmunk face.
by 420josh September 30, 2007
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Pretty much the coolest word ever. Almost like saying "Nigga, Please!" or "Girl, Please!" But with some coolass squirrel attitude.
Eric: "Man, yo mama so fat she puts mayonaisse on asprin!"
Eric: "Oh, fuck no, Bitch! You gonna get it!"

by funkfunk April 12, 2006
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