There was a block party in Westwood, CA that had a mini ferris wheel. And Brat Kat says "Hey what do you call a mini ferris wheel?" And I'm like "Dunno but why don't you just coin a phrase and we'll put it on Urban Dictionary?" "Okay, from now on, a mini ferris wheel will be called a squirl - a combination between squirt and whirl."
by Brat Kat September 22, 2019
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1. A guy who basks in his own faggotry.

2. A weirdo.
Cheyenne: Dude, Michael's a fucking squirl.
Jacob: Fuck yeah.
by Straightstraight March 04, 2009
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Combination of squeal and squirm. A person initially squirms in discomfort then is moved to squeal in joy.
Becky G's Dodger Blue "When they see this cover girl, the place get nuts, mothers squirl. I'm a let that line sink in for a minute while I visit another world"
by pipeboyjam June 14, 2015
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squirl-A hot woman rolling in the streets or in someones posetion.Your bitch/woman
Look at that guy skamming on all your squirl!!
by raphi March 03, 2004
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a hot bitches puss. used in same manner a beaver.
Check out that squirl. Damn J Lyn is a nice squirl. Cant believe shes a chemist!
by LBpeckerwood February 02, 2007
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A mythical creature used to distract others while in a conversation when you lose your train of thought. Derived from Pixar's movie "up" in which a squirrel distracts the dogs but never appears in the movie.
Example with no SQUIRL!:
So I was talking to him and he..... what was I saying?

Example with SQUIRL!:
So I was talking to him and he, SQUIRL!.... said he was going to get food.
by Goliath520 March 30, 2010
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verb- When a males partner takes their nuts into the mouth and then pushes one into each cheek, may also be called chipmonking.
Sue looked awesome squirling during sex, and it did the trick for Jack as well.
by JozefB October 25, 2019
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