small black squirrel that runs around like it runs shit. Usually found in urban areas.(Lawrence) known for the largest population
Greg Hyzdu is bent over while Ryan slams him with a squigger right in his ass.
by zach January 14, 2004
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a squirrel with what is considered "nigger-type" qualities;
a black squirrel;
a squirrel with ghetto-like tendencies;

can also be used as an insult

"You're a Squigger"

"That Squirrel is black!"
"Yeah, it's a Squigger"
by Kevly812 August 28, 2011
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Short for Squint-Nigger. A racial slur for Asians. Can be shortened to Squig.
1. "Filthy squigs. Coming into MY country. Eating all of MY rice."

2. (whilst driving through Chinatown, windows down, fist shaking in the air) "GODDAMN SQUIGGERS!"
by Assassin_Bean July 03, 2013
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A stupid ass black squirrel that has been brutally raped by a venow sucio! (Venow Sucio = Dirty Moose)
Hey! Look at that venow sucio raping the poor little squigger!
by Hyzdu January 13, 2004
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