Spunion: (N) From the English Slang "Spun Out" One who is 'Spun Out' too much, to the point of losing some common sense, mental capacity, and social skills, in favor of acquiring a heightened knowledge of 'headier' levels of existence, and a strong pack like mentality, with other Spunions...
The second Phish concert ever, was at Alpine, I ate 2 many geltabs, and we were parked in the "GREEN" lot... well, not realizing that this one would take some navigational skills to get back to, we lost the car fairly quickly, and walked around the lot for 3 hours, asking people in broken-acid-speak, "Dude, we parked in a lot, but when we walked over here, to the show, we had to walk DOWN a huge hill, and then back up another one..."

After explaining this spunion story to at least 5 different yellow shirts, finally one dude was like, Oh, man... you mean the Green Lot, and pointed us in the right direction...
by Brah June 30, 2004
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spunion is when you are really high and you are running around fixing things halfway because you have to find the right tool and forget what you are doing .
Bernard and Benjamin were trying to fix the television for Bunny but she had just done a line of some good meth and turned into a spunion running around like a spunion in circles not getting the tools they needed for the repairs they sought.
by almostperfekt April 13, 2019
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a person who is spun out, most often as a result of meth use in excess.
Give her a dub and a bub and she'll turn into a spunion.
by wizzy July 25, 2006
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A term used to describe someone who has been "spun out" as a direct result of excessive crystaline methamphetamine use. The term is deprived directly from the terms "spun out" or "getting spun" which are used to describe getting high off meth. Do not let rave culture distract you from where the term is derived and what its used to describe.
Wook 1: bro im starting to feel like a spunion after all these shows
Methhead 2: bro no way me too do u onow where i can find some more spun-stuff?
Wook1: awh yeah man the mollz plugs right over here
Methhead2: mollz? You said you were a spunion, not a psychonaut! Wheres the fucking meth you stupid wanna be! Gimme that copper wire wrap bitch!
by AlltheOtherDeadThings July 27, 2019
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the term describing a younger individual in the middle of a older groups scene taking in mind altering drugs to rage and party with no benefit of doubt. Actions include insufflating , ripping, dosing, pop, rolling, tripping and etc. mindset that if it doesn't work out with you or for you fuck it. school sucks more dick then a whore employed by dick sucking incorporated. parents are always out to get you. and you have no job but some how money is always in your pocket when needed.spending includes concerts, cigarettes, psychedelics, weed, booze, and sunglasses for night and sometimes day
closely related to a wookie but not of age younger( spunion = a 14-18 years of age

wookie = 18 years and beyond )
by mindmyfuture May 11, 2009
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Originating from the term spun; Usually meaning when one has become many. Many being multiple drugs in any form, usually large amounts of alcohal and Hallucinagens. A state of being. First Stated in Clear Spring Maryland, and fueled through laughter and mishap. When one becomes.
Hahha! where all lik a bunch of spunions!
by Norman Freely March 7, 2009
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