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A makeshift cannon for shooting potatoes, usually made from PVC pipe. The two major varieties are pneumatic guns, which rely on compressed air, and combustion guns, in which a flammable chemical such as hair spray is ignited.
Guy at the hardware store: "I love shooting spud guns, just be careful not to blow a hole through your liver".
by puffy October 20, 2004
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a gun made of pipes and posesing biblical power, only people of high intelect can actually build a good one.
Whoa, this spudgun has power!
by snazz September 28, 2003
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Someone who is 2 days into his college career and is caught slappin' his salami by his dorm roommate.
Joe was caught pulling a spudgun by his roommate.

How's it agoin Spudgun.
by 1859552 December 13, 2010
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A highly offensive term used to describe one who indiscriminantly sprays ejaculate onto common household items.
I'm not going to use a towel at that Spud gun's house, and especially not his remote control!
by agienne September 02, 2007
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A derogatory term for a homosexual male. Deriving from the small portions of faeces that can get stuck in the eye of the penis during unprotected anal sex being similar to the portions of potato that get pulled out when a small hand-held Spud Gun is inserted into the potato to 'load' it.
Hey, the street is closed for a gay rights march.

Fucking spud guns, get off the road.
by driftah December 07, 2008
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An individual who is prone to repeatedly dropping air biscuits.
John just rang, he's on his way over, the spud gun dropped his arse 5 times yesterday.
by Clout August 12, 2005
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