Empty your machine gun magazine at target. Hope your attack will kill enemy, stop vehicle, etc...
Gangsters in the 30´s used a spray and pray tactic with their Tommy guns.
by CCKK June 21, 2004
Counter-Strike: You hold down the mouse button and empty the clip, hoping you'll get someone.
by J December 4, 2002
To spray & pray is to go full-auto with an automatic weapon in the hopes that the enemy will take at least one lethal shot to the temple.
"Spray and pray!!!"
-a desperate commando screaming this while going full-bore with his M60E4
by Dave September 10, 2004
to rapidly fire a sub machine gun with out aiming hoping you will hit your target.
RDIm likes to spray and pray with a P90 when he is playing call of duty.
have sex with a lady w/ no protection and pray for no children
OMG i just fucked that bitch and left a load. I pray there are no little hommies to become of this.
by BamMaster April 14, 2003
when you cum inside and hope she don't get pregnant (talking about vaginas)
chick: why did my pregnancy test come back positive?
brad: I shouldn't spray and pray again
by mattygina October 15, 2017
When you cum from masturbating and then pray for forgiveness.
When I'm alone I spray and pray.
by caboosebear April 21, 2021