Horror fiction that usually features graphic depictions of violence, sex, sexual violence, violent sex, gore, and other such things. Well known examples include Jack Ketchum's "Off Season" and Edward Lee's "The Bighead"
This is one extreme splatterpunk novel I'm reading
by Dagon January 10, 2005
1)One of many genres that emerged in early 70s horror, mostly as a result of the Vietnam war. Specifically slasher films and zombie films, or any sub-genre of horror that uses extreme violence and explicit gore.
2)Also a fan of these genres
1)Tom Savini is most well known for his pioneering work in the early splatterpunk films

2)I watched Romero's trilogy this weekend like a good little splatterpunk
by Opopanax October 12, 2005
The male version of slampig. A guy who has sex with many women, usually at random.
There is no girl that splatterpunk wont sleep with.
by nightguide January 25, 2010