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The unintentional remnants left on a toilet seat or toilet bowl after a particularly violent or bulky bowel movement.
Bert: "Better flush the toilet again Chuck; there's some splatterback."

Chuck: "I knew we shouldn't have gone to that taco stand."
by B December 06, 2004
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When the male in an instance of intercourse using the position from behind -doggy style in laymans terms- defecates into his hand and in one motion, "splatters" the feces on her "back". Hence, "Splatter back".
"Yo dude, This chick was raunchy. She asked for me to give her the 'Splatter back'".

"That guy was an asshole! While we were making love, he thought it would be funny to give me the 'Splatter back'".
by Ybloc June 18, 2008
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