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Similar use to the word spiffy although this has emphasis on being more fun and enjoyable, derived from a combination of funky, cool, and enjoyable
Man 1: Dude I just got back from my driving test and I passed!!!

Man 2: Spiffylicious
by n1ghtw15h June 15, 2008
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A kiss so amazingly delicious and stimulating that the only way to describe it is to put spiffy with delicious. This word cannot be used to describe anything other than the most amazing kiss of your life so far.
"Man, I miss her, her kisses were just spiffylicious!"
by M.J. West October 07, 2008
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a word created by moi!
It can mean anything you want it to mean but it will allways be something positive! Its a word that expresses a person extremely happy feelings about something
Dave asked me out thats so fing spiffylicious!

OMG , i love you , you are just too spiffylicious!
by Maria June 16, 2004
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