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Similar to the visual of a "spider swing" (which is executed when two individuals sit facing each other on a swing so that their legs cross), spider pee occurs when a girl sits on a toilet, spreads her legs, and a pees, while a guy pees downward between her legs into the same toilet. The legs recreate those of a spider's on either side of the body, and it represents a form of ultimate love between two individuals. But spider poo crosses the line so don't do that you nasty ho.
If you really loved me, you'd spider pee with me regardless of the risks.
by Dark Rabbit October 02, 2013
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Verb- One participant (usually a woman) sitting on the toilet urinating, while another participant (usually male) urinating between the first participant's legs into the toilet.
Johnny and Sara went into the bathroom to spider pee
by Jilzer November 09, 2013
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