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used to mean "don't do anything stupid you might regret."

usually referring to someone about to commit suicide.
She knew he had been having a tough week, and could think of nothing to do but beg him to stay sperk.
by noelle!@#$%^&* July 11, 2005
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Pronoun: a person characterized by pretending to be a sexual predator. (Posing Sex Jerk)
He is the sperk running from the girl that is chasing him.
by Charmin2929 July 03, 2010
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Someone with a superiority complex that is so severe that they probably think they are better than god himself, but when they try to prove it , it fires back in their face like a male pornstar that gets off too quickly
β€œThere goes jerry again trying to put down Bobby for being fat, oh shit Bobby just bitch slapped him back to hell ! He’s such a sperk”
by Ironically_sensical June 30, 2019
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