To reveal the depth of a nerdy, trivia-centered hobby or obsession in an emotional way. This includes debating with other nerds about tiny minutiae and becoming agitated in the process. Most internet forums and wikis could not survive without people sperging out all over the place.

'Sperg' comes from Asperger's Syndome, an autism-spectrum disorder that can manifest itself in obsessive behaviour, and which is commonly self-diagnosed by spergin' nerds who can't otherwise explain away their broken personalities.
Todd sperged out on a massive scale, writing a seventy-page Wookieepedia entry about lightsabers all by himself. The writer of this UrbanDictionary entry sperged out by writing a definition of 'sperg out'.
by Assburgerz December 15, 2009
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Retreat from the world after having had a too human intensive experience, usually to eat Cheetos and play mind numbing MMORPG's, or else sleep until 12:00 AM, when it is time to eat Cheetos and play mind numbing MMORPG's.
Thanksgiving with the family was great mom, but I really need to go home and sperg out now before I start taking apart your vacuum cleaner and telling Uncle Sid he really really really really needs to do something about his clicky dentures.
by Cookieknits March 13, 2013
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To cum inside of a fat white chick's pussy. A play on sperm and iceberg.
Jeffrey just had to sperg out in Brad's mom. What the fuck was he thinking?
by princeitsshowtime June 11, 2010
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When someone goes on a long, in-depth, overly elaborate explanation long after everyone already gets the point, but will not fucking end. You get the point, but the person continues to explain their point, and often times stutters and stammers whilst doing so.

The explanation often times has to be cut off, or tails off if they realize that no one is listening to them any longer.
The definition above this is an example of "sperging out."
by slyscafe September 29, 2010
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When someone behaves ignorant to perceived social cues like someone with Asperger's syndrome. Someone who does this frequently could be called a sperg.
All you have to say is 9/11 was an inside job, and Jeff will sperg out about government conspiracy and jet fuel for like 45 minutes.
by BajingoDan September 8, 2018
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Behaving like someone with Asperger's syndrome, or needing to go home and shut yourself off from all human contact for a while.
This party is way too crowded. I feel like going home and sperging out for a while.
by Howdykitty January 15, 2011
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