A cheat used in the game that increases your movement/firing speed drastically, to the point of where it is impossible to kill you.

Generally seen in Counterstrike, Halo 2, and other popular FPS games.
WTF!? That dude is using speed hacks he's already across the map and the game just started!
by SideShowMel0329 November 7, 2006
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a lame ass cheat used in counter strike that makes u run like 10 times quicker then anyone else
wheres a admin at anal sex with a black woman is hax hes running a speed hax
by stoph April 7, 2005
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speed hack
speed hack
by 15196 January 20, 2019
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I totally used some phat speed hacks today LOOLOOLLOL
by Tony Danzas July 24, 2006
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3ready to work
confir3med for writing
by xyzdragon December 9, 2004
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