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A cheat used in the game that increases your movement/firing speed drastically, to the point of where it is impossible to kill you.

Generally seen in Counterstrike, Halo 2, and other popular FPS games.
WTF!? That dude is using speed hacks he's already across the map and the game just started!
by SideShowMel0329 November 07, 2006
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a lame ass cheat used in counter strike that makes u run like 10 times quicker then anyone else
wheres a admin at anal sex with a black woman is hax hes running a speed hax
by stoph April 06, 2005
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A Speedhack is a single program or a codestring packed into a multihack. It makes you move and attack faster. BUT: You need a fast Processor to get decent running/attacking speeds because the speeding depends on how fast your CPU is and it isn't helpful in Singleplayer games, because everything (enemies) gets faster.

Speedhacks are commomly used in counterstrike to piss tarded CS players off. Those hacks are very rare in other games.

If this hack is combined with an aimbot, it's the ultimate solution to ruin the average cs nerd's fun, ergo his complete life.
-average CS nerd
by Happy Negro May 01, 2005
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program that enables your processing unit to overclock, enabling your charater per say in a pvp enviroment to cast spells faster, run faster, and overall speeden the processes on ingame play..this is commonly accepted as a cheat or hack in gaming today.
by chaotic soul July 22, 2003
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