A site to host your free website, similar to Geocities and Tripod and Xanga and all that other shit. Usually involves unreadable glitter text on a neon background, 1337 all over the place, pictures that don't load, My Chemical Romance or techno music blasted at max volume, really obvious that the creator has little to no knowledge of HTML, gives you a migraine after spending 10 minutes on it...in other words, typical appearance of a 12-year-old girl's MySpace profile. Lots of Neopets, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon sites. Yeahh, nobody goes on it anymore (though it used to be quite popular).
(Thanks for the Venom by MCR starts playing loud enough to make your ears fall off)

H1 MY N@M3 15 PURPL3$P@RKL3 H@PPYGL1773R T$UK1N0-KUR@N-K1RYU 1 <3 @N1M3 MY F@V0R173 1$ R S@1L0R M00N V@MP1R3 KN1GH7 T0YK0 M3W M3W N @LL D@7 N1C3 $7UFF 1M $0 K3WL! (Text is bright yellow on an aqua background)

(insert 12 embedded YouTube videos here)

1 LYK 2 WR173 W0ND3RFUL F@NF1K71ON 4 MA @N1M3 $H0W$ H3R3 R S0M3:

(insert 4 broken links here)

1 M@Y B JU$7 11 Y3@R$ 0LD BUT @G3 1$ JU$T @ DUMB # $0 G0 F**K UR SELF! H@H@ 1 C@N $W3@R N 1 @M N0T 3V3N 0UTT@ K1ND@G@RT3N Y3T @1NT 1 @M@Z1N?

(This image or video has been moved or deleted.)

0MG!!!!!!!11 K@W@11 DE$U!!111111111111111111

by Disvan September 1, 2010
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Wow, yellow text on a white background, how Angelfire.
by sciurus September 8, 2004
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