The banana cream special can be performed either to one's partner or one's lonely self. The act is performed by cutting off the end of a banana (the non-stalk side), shoving this end into his/her/your orifice, and squeezing the mushy insides of the banana completely out of the peel. When the peel is quickly and forcefully extracted, all that remains in the hole is a moist clump of banana mush. It's up to the receiver when and how to remove it from said hole.
Dan: How'd your night go with that chick you brought home?
Brian: started slow, but that mean banana cream special I gave her really capped off the night!
by SAdawgs October 31, 2009
The act of eating a mixture of sperm and a Fig Newton or other fig product in various ways.
Lil boligrapho ate The Fig and Cream Special off of her back
by The bocc March 7, 2018
When a Girl shits, smears it onto her pussy, ejaculates onto it then a guy eats it. Works better when the person has to eat it has no knowledge of it's distribution and while the person is blindfolded.
Jenny gave her husband a mudpie cream special without his knowledge and while he was blindfolded. The guy threw up violently
by xanderisatrannywholikescock October 25, 2018