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With AOL, a feature that prevents you from reading important mail, but shows you spam in your inbox.
If you use AOL, remember to check your inbox for important emails. AOL calls it your "spam folder."
by anonymous May 07, 2005
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A:) A protective barrier around an individual used to block out annoying people. This concept, while started for emails, is extended to more personal means of communication. B:) A more hip and modern version of shit-list
Person A: Hey, why don't you pick up that call.
Person B: Chris is on spam-filter until he gets his act together.

"I'm warning you, If you don't stop being such an ass, you're going right into my spam-filter"
by DCPY September 21, 2006
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Software that attempts to filter out spam email.
Spam filters work in several ways.

1) IP blocking; orginzations like Spam cop provide lists of IP numbers known to be used by spammers.

2) Word list; Spammers repeatedly try to sell the same stupid products so emails containing words like viagra, mlm, bigger penis, remove me ect; are blocked.

3) Heuristics; In an effort to get round spam filters spammers hire people that do have a brain to create more and more elaborate emails. Heuristics is a way using smart programing techniques to block these emails.

Spam filtering is an ongoing race between the spammer and the human race over who owns the inbox.

Helping your spam filter:
1)Never contact, buy from a spammer or click on a link in a spam email.
2)Turn of HTML in your inbox spammers have ways of knowing if a HTML email has been viewed.
3) Never click the on the remove me link in an email, spammers are liars and it will verify you as a live email address for more spam.
User: I have just recieved an email offering me a larger permenantly erect penis, larger breasts, an opportunity to share my credit card details with a nigerian bank worker who wants to give me $16, 000, 000 and access to unlimited prescribed drugs.

I am not sure if I am ready yet to become a mega rich ladyboy with a permenant hard on who is addicted to valium. What can I do?

System Administrator: Hang in there I will check the spam filter
by Blue Cawdrey November 23, 2004
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