Lame spelling of Spy, usually when someone is saying it jokingly.
Admit it Rob, you're a communist Spai!
by Soly April 27, 2008
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Spai is a very detailed and different version of pain. “Spai” is also known as “spain without the n”. This originated in a discord server on February 26th when someone read something as “spai”.

It is now an official celebration in said discord server, almost taking place a year ago. We shall celebrate by turning our statuses into “spai” and emo quotes.
Gay Person 1: I’m in so much spai bro 💔
Gay Person 2: Me too comrade so emo and brocken 💔
Gay Person 3: DHMU IN SPAI 💔
by Lenlemon December 23, 2021
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Your dog humped my leg and I noticed he hasn't been spayed.
by Fly Boy Coop January 18, 2009
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the definition of spay is gay spaghetti noodle sucker omelette
"gosh dude I didn't know you were spay but I support you all the way" "your being kind of spay right now and if you are on i dont care it's fine with me"
by johni sholt November 5, 2020
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The act of Farting in a matter which it sounds like you have spayed some febreze, sometimes confusing people into thinking that plesant smells are about to embace them-will piss your friends off.
Person 1: Dude what smells like shit in here.
Person 2: Sorry I'm spaying febreze
by Eitsu August 3, 2011
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The best person to ever exist! Spai is the nicest, the coolest and the best looking person you can think of.
Damn that Spai is really hot
by Spaii November 11, 2020
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