If you were born on this day you are incredibly sexy and smart and you are lucky af 😎
"Bro are you born on February 26th!?"
"Yeah bro"
*aggressively makes out with waifu"
by yuno and asta October 15, 2019
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February 26th is National beef day, a day in which you call your friends beef gorl or guy
Why, it's February 26th AKA National beef day ! You know what that means? Laraiia is a beef gorl, isn't that funny
by laraiia October 31, 2019
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February 26th is national throw it back for your homies day, where the boys go all city girls on the bitches 😳😳. Throw it back like a boss bitch boys, and use your power wisely.
Person 1: Hey bromie it’s February 26th, you know what that means...
Person 2: *throws it back*
Person 2: come here and throw it back on tiktok with me and show these 10 year olds whos boss
Person 1: *starts to sing act up by city girls*
by c r u n c h y s o c k February 16, 2020
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A day where you talk about how often you fuck your friends mothers
Let’s say, hypothetically, for the sake of the argument, I fucked your mom on February 26th.
by Dr Homosexual Supremacy October 16, 2019
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National nudes day! Ask someone for nudes, THEY CANT SAY NO!
Girl: ugh... fine!
by Kaeden eats Richard October 17, 2019
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National stick your finger in your friend’s ass day.
“Dude why did you stick your finger in my asshole?!”

“Because it’s February 26th. Nation stick your finger is your friend’s ass day.”
by gayniggafart February 26, 2021
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