n) a night in which the males penis begins hard but by the end of the night is softened
damn, last night was one of those spaghetti nights.
by charles December 08, 2003
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just like spaghetti. before the spaghetti is boiled it is stiff but after wards it softened by the heat. This is what happens to the males penis in the spaghetti night.
Tonights gonna be a spaghetti night!
by lauren December 09, 2003
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When someone performs oral sex on a man while their mouth is filled with spaghetti. The reasoning is that the texture of the spaghetti will create a pleasurable and exciting sensation on the man's genitals.
Man: Damn girl, why the hell you cooking noodles at 11 pm?
Woman: Oh I was just thinking we could have a spaghetti night in a bit.
by BigHairyPastaLarry October 31, 2019
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When you remember at the last minute you have to make dinner and realize that you didn't prepare anything before hand. Eventually you decide to just boil some pasta and heat up some Ragu.
"Pasta again?"
"Yeah, tonight was a Spaghetti Night Scramble"
by JazzDemon November 17, 2011
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