Swift emotional movements of limbs and torso.
An unskilled tap dancer pushing her ungainly feet to exhaustion to the embarrasment of all.
by Jerome Nyssen July 06, 2005
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To Spack upon Someone/something
*Nightro Spacks on Spackles*
by Det October 19, 2003
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A spack is someone who is a idiot or dickhead or likes to do idiotic stuff
Man i know you like tyler but to be honest he is a bit of a spack.
by Ben catalusike you got pranked November 29, 2017
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The self-proclaimed leader of a cult of pseudo-deadheads who claim to embrace the deadhead culture, but only live to belittle others.

See also: white trash
Spack got so upset when a photographer dissed him that he went on an internet rampage for weeks.
by spackdesciple April 18, 2009
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Used to describe stupid or moronic behaviour by persons a few bricks short of a wall (see retard).

Often preceded by the ingestion intoxicating substances.
This person may now be officially labeled a spackie.
Guy: Woah! Did you see that drunk chick run through that glass door?
Girl: LOL. Thats really spacked up.
by CheapThrills February 27, 2006
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Someone who you want to slap round the face with a fish of some sort
Woah, someone's a bit of a spack...
by Maddinor March 08, 2012
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