cakes made with marijuana in them.
Often take longer to kick in (upto an hour), but last much longer, with a more intense high.
Usually Tom and Jerry cakes (cheap,kiddies mix, available anywhere), that take 15 mins! and you only need an egg and water (oh yeah, and your weed)..SIMPLE!
by Adam April 7, 2004
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damn i got wasted of that space cake last night. i can't remember shit!.. must have been like 100 bux of weed in it.
by samantha13 August 8, 2006
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a cake made wiv sum ganja
see also ganja muffin
yo G pass us some of dat space cake i wanna get high as a kite
by m.c June 3, 2005
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Guy: Hi msiter alien. Alien: I'm gona squirt space cake all over your face
by TannerIsGay November 12, 2009
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A person who is not altogether 'with it'as if they were stoned but without having to actually take any narcotics
"I don't know how she manages to keep her job.. she's is so nice, but such a Space Cake, its like she'd foget her own head if it wasn't screwed on"
by Mr wippy March 18, 2005
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Cookie/brownie crammed full of dope
Mrs Smith took some space cakes to her local church coffee morning and the whole congregation was as stoned as a rats arse
by Little Miss Mayonnaise May 27, 2005
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<noun> slang;

A baked good, such as a cake or a brownie etc laced with hemp or another drug in order to get high whilst enjoying a tasty snack.
HOMER: "Have you got any Space Cakes?"
ARISTOTLE: "Yeah, but Archemedes ate them all. He is so gone."
by Stuart Fletcher February 26, 2005
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