A super form of aids that comes from outer space.
Man I hope that bitch gets the space aids and dies.
by John Rico March 1, 2008
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One of the three basic abilities of the character Malzahar, from the popular MOBA League of Legend. The actual name of the ability is Malefic Vision, but it is mostly referred to as "space aids" due to many of its unique characteristics. Some of the traits of Malefic vision are its status as a DOT(damage over time), its ability to be passed onto another target if its first target dies, and the general unpleasantness for those on the receiving end.
"I could've gotten a pentakill there, except fucking space aids killed be before I could get the last kill"
by Epilogue September 20, 2015
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Space AIDS is a disease afflicting a percentage of anime and Japanese drama characters, usually manifesting as an unknown or unnamed sickness. The major symptoms include; paleness, physical frailty, coughing up blood at inopportune times, and frequent fainting spells. Space AIDS is a chronic disorder, and in some cases fatal.
Why is that prettyboy with the silver hair coughing up blood all of a sudden?
Oh, he has Space AIDS.
by Crowe T. Robot August 8, 2014
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A sickness that originated from a small town called Dumont in New Jersey. symptoms include very painful sore throat and very runny nose
Damn i hope cadence doesn’t give me space aids
by hdhxuxhxuidbxhdhdh March 30, 2022
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Aids you obtain in space. It lasts longer than regular AIDS, and its also 3x more painful.
"After his ship came back from Tython, he was totally rattled with Space AIDS." - the Bible
by Chazkaba February 26, 2010
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A mixture of crushed up ecstasy pill and ketamine, resulting in a spaced out high.
Why does this dude think he's in the 6th dimension? Bro, he's fucked up on space aids.
by Beta-male Hunter December 2, 2018
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Basically Ruby Moran rn.
Ruby has Space Aids
by spAcEaiDS89 August 20, 2019
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