A term applying to indians from Kerala, Kanartaka, Tamil Nadu or Andhra Pradesh or otherwise known as Dravida. Lingual wise, we don't speak hindi, punjabi, gujarati, or any language spoken in the north. The South has its own family of languages completely different. We speak either: tamil, malayalam- which is dubbed the hardest language in the world to learn, telegu, tulu, or kannada. Our writing system is also very different. We are always constantly looked down upon by north indians because the south itself is still pretty traditional compared to the north where it's starting to become more accepting of western ideas and we're not a main stream feature in bollywood movies. Also the south is "rumored" to be a dirty hole and other stupid shit. Truth is, it's not. Southern India is by far one of the most beautiful places on earth. yes it has its bad parts just any other country in this world. Don't believe it? Google it and see for yourself. Not only just is it a beautiful place it's filled with some of the nicest people you will meet and as i said before there's obviously gonna be some assholes here and there but in general theres some really good people. South Indians are known to excel in school just like any other north indian, Bill Gates once said that the South Indians are the 2nd smartest race behind the chinese. Looks wise we are diverse. Dark skin to light skin. Typical brown eyes to even light green or blue. Bottom line, south indians are unique and deserve a hell of a lot more credit.
Guy 1: Oh you see Aishwarya Rai, man shes so hot she must be (insert any north indian ethnicity here )or some shit, no way a south indian could look like that.
Guy 2: Nah man, shes from karnartaka, shes from the south.
by malu girl July 1, 2008
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Originated at Omaha North High School Class of '09
Once upon a time, there was this very dark (almost crispy black) indian (india) that went to school. Apparently this indian thought she was more attractive and overall better than the other indians (3 other critical and important indians to the schools history). Little did she know, she was the ugliest dirtiest south indian anyone had laid eyes on and even worse her personality was equivalent to spongebob on coke.
DSI is short for dirty south indian
Fresh: ughh... who is that hoodrat?
Scooter: man who cares
Fresh: she's a disaster anyway
Scooter: i heard horror stories she lives next to shmolderin
Fresh: oh god, she's a dsi
Scooter: damn dude... a dirty south indian?

dude put your legit ray-bans on, hopefully you can filter her out.
Fresh: yeah, she's a disaster.
by fresh 83 June 30, 2010
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