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When you look into the eyes of your significant other and know deep down that there is no other person that can soothe your soul like him/her. This passion burns so deeply within one's soul that it shines through the darkest moments of their loved one and then they know that everything will be alright. You won't expect it when it happens but you will know that he/she completes you as they stare into your soul.
Boy: (stares deeply into her eyes)

Girl: wtf are you doing?

Boy: I just want to soul stare into your eyes

Girl: I always knew you were the one, my one and only soulmate <3
by EndlessLove69 May 01, 2011
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1. To look into someone's eyes very intensely, making the other person feel "naked" or "exposed".
2. Staring at someone like they're hiding something and you're trying to find out what without actually saying anything.
1. Scorpios are known to give soul stares, which can make them come off as intimidating or creepy.
2. After Timothy's mother asked him and his older brother where the big scratch on her Grandmother's one of kind vase came from, she gave them both a soul stare.
by Red_Shaft July 18, 2017
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