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a ship between chuuya nakahara and dazai osamu from the anime “bungou stray dogs”. practically canon.
“man, soukoku sure has a lot of evidence
by kaicedtea August 18, 2018
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Meaning Double black the name was given to Chūya Nakahara and Dazai Osamu when they were paired together in the port Mafia, before Dazai left. In English the name meaning is Twin Dark.

Soukoku is also the ship name between Chūya and Dazai, it’s practically cannon within the anime. The anime it’s from is titled Bungo Stray Dogs
There’s a lot of evidence for Soukoku

They’re are called Soukoku because they were able to destroy an entire organization overnight, isn’t that cool?
by Arte Lavar September 26, 2019
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the synonym of ”soulmates”, two people who are really close that they can feel each other’s feelings, their fates are linked to each other, their bond may involve similarity, love, romance, comfort, intimacy, sexual activity, spirituality, compatibility and trust. Oh i forgot to mention: THEY ARE G A Y
by bee rey December 21, 2019
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