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Seta Soujiro, 18 years old, uses the speed Shukuchi, special attack-Shuntensatsu, a boy working for Makoto Shishio, "emotionless" due to his sad past, his nickname is Tenken due to his amazing fighting skills an unreadable emotions. Black Hair, dark brown/black eyes, most definable by his innocent smile, Birthday-September 1861.
Seta Soujiro, Tenken no Soujiro, from the show Rurouni Kenshin.
by Chibi-Tenken/Harusame December 31, 2003
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ah, yes, seta soujiro (from Rurouni Kenshin). a really psycopathic samurai who smiles constantly as a result of his suck-y childhood. he's actually based on another character in RuroKen, Okita Soushi (or Souji, whichever you prefer), who also smiles constantly despite his own problems.
Soujiro's the cute member of the Juppon gatana, and has the same voice as Omasu of the Oniwabanshu in the English dub.
by Sumiko Li August 15, 2004
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