A term used to describe a female who is incredibly well endowed. Used by Jay in the popular show 'The Inbetweeners'
Jay: Look it's the Jug-a-sorus-rex
by Jamie Pilgrim May 5, 2009
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Terrible Japanese pronouciation of the phrase "Break My Soul" said by Iori Yagami of the King Of Fighters series of games in the song "Kaze No Allegory".

The phrase has now evolved into a notion of something that has makes you sad that you even seen or heard about it, hence, it has "Broken Your Soru"
"Man, did you seen that website www.goatse.cx? the mere sight of it has breaku mah soru for life!"
by DANfan January 2, 2004
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The term used when you forget that the animal is called a rhinoceros and not a rhino mixed with a dinosaur
Hey, my favorite animal is a rhino-sorus
by dolphinluv9510 March 6, 2015
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One of the longest extinct creatures to ever walk this planet. It is said to have abused in a sexually manner all the other dinasours that are extinct today. It has a masculine odar which no female creature can resist. It is said that it gave birth to Bigfoot and The Abdominal Snowman. It was spotted to be either hot bright pink or a fuzzy yellow fluff ball. It's tits can glow in the dark and it's balls can change color depending on it's surroundings. It's penis is found in it's mouth. It actually isn't extinct as it has been spotted various times screwing pine trees in the wild.
Jack- "Hey look! It's Bigfoot!"
Beth- "No silly, it's the Ptfuh-sorus, can't you see it's balls? It changes colors."
Jack- "OMG Beth! Why are you wet?!"
Jack- "WTF?"
Beth- "Well I'm sorry if you can't give me an organism!"
Jack- *Runs off crying*
by sizzleFERsure~ December 29, 2010
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