Dude who's popular and get all the girls
Has big dick energy
He has alot of girls everywhere he goes
Harem god
Devil God
Hes Vietnamese with Japanese name whos speak english.


Will rule the world

Has 2 hot thick girlfriends

Will be known in the future as a Devil God

Definition written by Iori Yagami
Interviewer: So how did you got your name Iori?
Iori: I got my name from kof because I really like how it sounds so I chose it as my real name.
Interviewer: I saw you have 2 girlfriends how do you do it?
Iori: I met them at the mall and asked them to go to my car, everything escalated from there now they're my loyal gfs.
Interviewer: Wow that's amazing!

Iori Yagami
by Ifuckedyourmomandyourbitch November 11, 2019
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n. Forum owner and bandwith whore seeks to own the fighting game world. Loves Baiken because of her Jugs. Ahhhh Jugs :D--

I think the mom from dexter's laborotory is hot

I need to get out more.

Shin Iori Yagami will take over the world

Shin Iori Yagami will sleep with your mother

Shin Iori Yagami has slept with your mother.

Shin Iori Yagami is NOT your mother.
by Shin Iori Yagami October 7, 2003
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