The best possible surname one could ever have. These people are the most loyal, smart, and compassionate of all. If you have ever met a Soriano, you should consider yourself lucky.
I wish my surname was Soriano. They are all beautiful people!
by PrincessBee December 19, 2016
A super dude whos best friends name is malachi and has another friend anthony and has a beautiful girlfriend that has a ex that is so annoying
by Nitringo April 3, 2018
Sorianos is the best cereal ever. It is packed with so much flavor. It's nutritious, and is one of those cereal that taste like they'll make you fat, BUT IT WONT! Sorianos is truly the ultimate cereal.
alien 1: you wadyo wanna eat for dinner?
alien 2: how about some good old Sorianos
by last century March 15, 2022
A funny athletic guy who's a little in the short side, but can be described as an extremely over confidant guy. He's full of himself and a player but that's just part if his charm and why some people love him. He seems to hang out with Dane Saunders and Brian kurkowski He currently is a sophomore in Maine Endwell high school
"Should I set my friend up with chuck Soriano?" "Nah dude he will hurt her" "well duh"
by Mentor!!!!!!!!! February 16, 2014
Is a phrase used to describe a director who is openly supporting the son of a former dictator. An enabler.
He used to be good, now he's just like a typical Paul Soriano.
by Mamamia, Have mercy January 30, 2022
Known as a species of danknigga living on Uranus
I wonder how it feels to be a Trey Soriano
by Momgayyouisnigganianwhat November 27, 2018
the best baseball player of all time a chicago cub former yankee national and ranger has an all star game mvp
alfonso soriano hits one deep to left its outta here he is a pro baseball player
by soriano October 13, 2008