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Origins: VIKING

A sorensen is an absolute beast, almost godlike human being descended from the most badass fighters, vikings. You wish you were a sorensen, but your not. Unbelievebly muscular and insanely strong, sorensens are not to be messed with, EVER.
Hey that dude is making out with my girl, im gonna mess him up! Lol mate back down he's a sorensen.
by VikingBlood July 09, 2010
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Adj. Something that is expected to have a long lifespan by virtue of having existed for a long time, based on the lindy effect, named for the New York restaurant Lindy's, coined by Albert Goldman and popularized by Nassim Taleb.
cooking with fire is lindy
by mmebs June 13, 2021
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rensen is a quite common, Scandinavian last name, but if you know a Sørensen, you are a lucky fella. They are an absolutely hilarious mankind, mostly good looking with a tall, perfectly skinny body. The Sørensen of your friends will be the one to go to if you’re sad, in the need of any advice on how to accomplish anything in life or if you’re just simply in the need of a laughter. They are also exeptionally smart, with the answers on almost everything that you must wonder. If you’re in for a party, Sørensen is not hard to convince and will be a guarantee for good vibes in a setting where drama often occurs. Sørensen will put a shadow over the madness of your festivities! On the less positive side, Sørensens are not especially good with the opposite gender, but patience is a key word in their unusually wide vocabulary.
Did you see Sørensen at the dance floor last night? What a legendery human being!
by Phasmatidae123 February 05, 2020
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