the most smartest and most beautiful person ever to exist, she cares for others and has a kind heart she is always joyful and cares for others sopie is the greatest
sophie is great and carefull
by aj kentaft February 20, 2018
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An amazing gorgeous beautiful person, she has a smile that lights up everyone around them! She always knows how to cheer someone up and is so caring, she usually has blonde hair and blue eyes if you look close enough you could see the ocean!! You want a Sophie in your life cause she will make it so much better! She will make your day a good day no matter what !!
1(friend) "wow who is that she is so gorgeous!"
2(other friend) "oh that's Sophie she is amazing"
3(friend) "I wish I had someone like that)
by K Witt February 23, 2017
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•pronounced “DOOR-REEE”
• constantly says words like “folks”,”jeepers”, and “let’s bounce”
•grandma with orthopedic loafers
•plays just dance
•abuses raggy
• very enthusiastic while playing wii sports
• great at makeup
“ let’s bounce folks
“who said that?”
“ it was obviously sophie”
by yay-lyn May 22, 2019
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that one emo bitch who’s like 2 feet tall
yo that emo girl is so emo” “she must be a sophie”
by ohdamnheafinenug April 5, 2019
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A stunning girl who doesn't think much of herself , usually brown haired, lots of friends , dancer , smart, big bum
Wow look at her she's smart and stunning, she's a Sophie
by Pinkrainbowxoxo January 15, 2017
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the sexiest mother fucker ever. shes so sexy. we like to have sexy sexy time a lot.
oooh sophie.. your so sexy
by milliiiiiie July 19, 2019
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the most mental but kindest person you will ever meet. she will always be by you and will stay with you no matter what. no matter how many times she will embarrass and take the mic out of you you cant help but have a some type of friendship with her. on the outside, she is a fierce pretty girl with brown eyes, brown hair and glasses but on the outside she is warm hearted. when she messes about, she won't stop and will carry on and manage to make everyone she knows burst out laughing.
she is kind,athletic,crazy and wild

but over all she is an amazing girl!
sophie is my bestest friend in the whole entire universe!
by sdegdbvdsryujhgdsertyukjnbvcxz December 23, 2018
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