Used in the treatment of injuries affect the bones in the human body.
He was given an orthopedic bed for the comfortability of his back bone
by Otolorin December 25, 2018
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An orthopedic surgeon is someone who is specialized in bones. For example, i have a bad knee injury, and i’ll have to get 2 or 3 surgeries next year, and the orthopedic will do the surgeries.

An orthopedic is also someone who helps people, like me. He sent me to do physical therapy, and i was the youngest there and all the other people was 60+ qnd he had done surgery on almost all of them.
“Hey i went to the orthopedic yesterday and i need surgery
Doctors: i’m gonna send you to an orthopedic surgeon.
by aniclasen13 December 10, 2019
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A term for people who have unexciting personalities and clothes.
Hey Kelly, look at the orthopedic shoes over there!

I almost didn't see him because he was so boring!
by VictorGreene September 16, 2018
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