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Southern slang
1. dry your tears and man up. see suck it up, cowboy up, cheer up.
2. a not so tactful way of saying no use crying over spilled milk
3. what you say when you see a hot chick, usually having "with a biscuit" on the end. comes from the fact that ladies tend to produce moisture in certain areas when they are aroused. strange that it's used this way, because usually the hot chick is not aroused at all, and is in fact turned off completely by your ugly mug.
1. Sop it up; let's go!
2. So you made a mistake. Sop it up.
3. person 1: Hey check out that chick.
person 2: Whoa, sop it up with a biscuit!
by fizzle April 02, 2004
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